7 Crazy Fan Theories That Explain What Happened To Melisandre And How Jon Snow Will Be Resurrected

7 crazy got fan theories

(Source: HBO, Fair Use)

In the 12 hours following the premiere of Season 6, the Internet has been ablaze with fan theory after fan theory, all attempting to explain just what the hell happened with Melisandre, and how she will use her powers to resurrect Jon Snow.

Some theories are good, some theories are bad, some theories are strange, and some theories are downright mental.

These are 7 of the craziest theories we could find:

Crazy Fan Theory #1: Melisandre is a 400 year old witch.

This theory has got the most support from the Internet, and it is by far the most believable on this list.

Basically, Melisandre has been using her magic to make everyone think she is a hot 30 something year old woman, when in fact she is really a 400 year old gender-less blob of decaying flesh.


7 crazy got fan theories

Source: HBO, Fair Use

Crazy Fan Theory #2: Melisandre transferred some of her life energy to Jon Snow.

This theory explains the rapid aging we see at the end of the episode rather nicely; it was just a result of Melisandre transferring her life energy to Jon.

But why wasn’t she in the room with him? Why weren’t we shown his body, and why didn’t we see him wake up?

Well, according to the theory, we will see Jon Snow rise from the table in next weeks episode.

Crazy Fan Theory #3: Melisandre is Jon Snow’s Grandmother.

Apparently, the reason we see Melisandre age at the end of the episode is because she is actually Jon Snow’s grandmother!

We’re not really sure why being his grandmother would cause her to rapidly age, or how it has anything to do with Jon’s resurrection, but hey, it’s a fan theory, it doesn’t have to make sense.

But it would definitely make the scene where she tries to seduce him a whole lot weirder.

7 crazy got fan theories

Source: HBO, Fair Use

Crazy Fan Theory #4: Jon Snow will be resurrected after Melisandre slaughters everyone at Castle Black.

A bit dark, but the underlying theory makes sense.

Melisandre uses blood magic, and since she doesn’t have access to the blood of a King, she will have to improvise by using the blood of everyone else at Castle Black.

Will we see Mel kill all 50 men at the castle just to bring Jon Snow back to life?

Yeah, probably.

Crazy Fan Theory #5: Jon Snow won’t be resurrected, because Davos is actually Azor Ahai.

This actually makes a lot of sense if you think about it.

Davos has been with Stannis and Melisandre for the entirety of the show/book, so it’s only natural that Mel would mistakenly believe Stannis was Azor Ahai.

When she tries to slaughter everyone at the castle (as per crazy fan theory #4), she will notice that Davos has the blood of a King, and she will sacrifice her own life to save his.

7 crazy got fan theories

Source: HBO, Fair Use

Crazy Fan Theory #6: Jon Snow can’t be resurrected because he’s already been brought back once before.

It’s a well known fact that in the Game of Thrones universe, every character is allowed to be brought back from the dead once.

But most fans seem to be forgetting that Jon Snow had already used up his one free revival when his direwolf Ghost accidentally ripped off his arm.

According to this theory, Jon won’t be coming back.

7 crazy got fan theories

Source: HBO, Fair Use

Crazy Fan Theory #7: Jon Snow doesn’t want to be resurrected because he’s having too much fun in heaven.

This one sounds a little bit odd, but let me explain.

When a red priest or priestess attempts to resurrect a body, she must obtain their permission first.

Just as Mel is about to start the revival process, Jon will tell her that he wishes to remain dead, so that he can stay with his family in heaven.


What do you think about these crazy fan theories? Let us know in the comment section below!

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