Popular Sitcom ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Has Been Cancelled After A Disturbing Secret Was Revealed

big bang theory cancelled

(Source: Bago Games, CC BY 2.0, edited)

Earlier this morning, in a press conference coming out of Burbank, California, Jim Parsons (the actor who plays Sheldon Cooper), announced that the comedy hit ‘The Big Bang Theory’ was being cancelled.

During a private interview with Parsons following the conference, it was confirmed that the show was to be cancelled after a shocking discovery was made whilst on set.

“I remember that at the time, when I first figured it out, I was furious,” Parsons explained to the interviewer.

“I got so mad that I even threatened to punch one of the make-up ladies, it was really bad. It took three fairly large men to restrain me, and even then, I kept shouting and swearing.”

“But thinking back, I only have myself to blame.”

What many fans don’t know is that Jim Parsons, the actor who plays the role of super-genius Sheldon Cooper, is actually a world renowned scientist in real life.

In fact, when Parsons auditioned for the role of Sheldon Cooper back in 2006, he did so assuming the show was going to be a documentary about the creation of the universe.

“You know, I had my doubts over the years,” Parsons explained.

“Like way back in Season 2, I’d think to myself, ‘Hey, wait a minute, isn’t this supposed to be a documentary series? Why are we always going to comic con? And why haven’t we talked about literally anything big bang related?’, but then I’d shrug it off and go back to filming.”

“I guess if I had really paid attention to the set, the actors, and the script, I would have known that it was definitely not a documentary about the big bang.”

Source: Rach from Tadcaster, CC BY 2.0

Source: Rach, CC BY 2.0

According to the scientist-turned-actor, it wasn’t until shooting the Season 9 finale that it all finally “clicked” for him.

“We were filming like normal, but then all of a sudden everything kind of changed,” Parsons reported.

“I just looked into Johnny’s (Leonard’s) eyes in the middle of a take, and I was like, ‘This… This isn’t a documentary, is it?’, and he broke down in tears and told me everything.”

Parsons, saying he felt “cheated” by the producers and his fellow actors, decided to leave the show and terminate his contract, knowing full well that it would mean the death of the series.

“After finding out the truth, there was just no way that I could stay on with the show,” Parsons replied optimistically.

“But at the end of the day, it’s a good learning experience. I won’t make the same mistake again.”