‘The Big Bang Theory’ Movie Is Being Filmed RIGHT NOW, Penny & Leonard Are Going To Have A Baby!

big bang theory movie

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It’s a question that’s been hot on the minds of all Big Bang fans for quite a few years now: will we be getting a movie?

According to a recent interview with series creator Chuck Lorre, not only will we be getting a Big Bang movie, but it will be coming out by the end of this year.

“The hardest part about making a BBT movie is that we’ve pretty much done everything already,” Lorre told reporters.

“Every season we put the characters in the wackiest, funniest situations we can imagine, but after 9 years we’ve finally hit a wall and run out of ideas.”

“Which is why we’re going to be blending a few different genres together when making the BBT movie.”

Big Bang Theory Movie

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Does this mean the BBT movie will be a rom-com? Will we see the same comedy we’re used to, but with a bigger focus on the relationships and love between characters?

“Look, we were considering making it a rom-com, but that’s gotta be the most overdone, boring, garbage type of movie there is,” Lorre replied.

“We want to do something new, something bold, and something exciting with what is quite possibly the greatest show on television.”

“Have you seen the movie Saw?” Lorre asked reporters.

“Well, in Saw, the main characters are forced to cut off parts of their bodies in order to save their own and their loved ones lives.”

“It’s a psychological thriller/horror, and it really shows how far people are willing to go to stay alive.”

“We’ll be sure to add a taste of that primal fear to the BBT movie.”

Big Bang Theory Movie

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“I can’t reveal too much about the plot, but I can give you a little bit of hot goss,” a cheeky Lorre told reporters.

“The movie will begin with Penny and Leonard having a baby, except the baby will be born on the 6/6/2006 and will actually be the Devil reincarnated.”

“The friends will all laugh about it, but after a few weeks the baby will start to display sadistic tendencies and kill both Raj and Howard, devouring their flesh in front of the rest of the characters.”

“There will also be a scene where Sheldon smugly refutes Christianity before being slaughtered by Penny and Leonard’s demon spawn, which we think viewers will get a real kick out of.”

“Nothing is set in stone yet, and we might decide to change the direction of the story,” Lorre revealed.

“But at the moment, there’s a very good chance that you will see all the major characters either die or begin worshiping Satan, and that’s the way we’ve always intended on ending the show.”