Here Are 3 Hidden Easter Eggs In ‘Batman v Superman’ That You Probably Didn’t Notice (#2 Was So Obvious!)

easter eggs batman superman

(Source: Warner Bros, Fair Use)

Like the old saying goes, “it’s not a comic book movie unless there are some hidden Easter eggs,” and that’s exactly what we got with the latest DC/Warner Bros blockbuster ‘Batman v Superman’.

In fact, the producers went out of their way to throw in some really awesome easter eggs that only the most attentive fans would be able to catch.

The first easter egg is located in the scene right after Wonder Woman joins the fight. If you’ve watched the movie, you know exactly what scene I’m talking about.

After she uses her special powers to kick superman’s ass, if you freeze the movie at juuuuuuuuust the right moment, you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of this epic easter egg.

Wow, that’s awesome.

But nice try, Warner Bros, you’ll have to be a bit sneakier than that if you want to slip one by us!

By this point, we were getting pretty good at locating hidden easter eggs, so the second and third eggs were rather easy to find in comparison.

In fact, the second easter egg was so out in the open and easy to find, we were both shocked and disgusted that nobody else managed to find it before we did.

The second easter egg is located in the scene where Batman has to save a group of children from falling off a building, but before he can get to them he has to kill Superman.

If you re-watch that scene in its entirety, you’ll notice that when Batman is standing on the roof, there’s a huge easter egg hiding behind him.

I’m actually offended at how little effort went into hiding this easter egg, because they didn’t even try to make it subtle.

For the entire 10 minute scene that Batman is standing on the roof and looking out over the city, the orange egg is just perched behind him, doing its thing.

I’m sorry, but how the hell did nobody else in the world spot this?

The third easter egg is, perhaps, the easiest of the bunch to find, as it takes up nearly the entire screen for a solid 2 minutes and 14 seconds.

If you’re a true fan, you already know the scene I’m talking about, but for everyone else, I’m talking about the Superman speech scene.

In this scene, Superman is forced to give a speech about why Abraham Lincoln was the best U.S. president of all time, and he wasn’t allowed to use any palm cards.

Kudos to Supes for pulling off an epic speech, but a massive “WTF” to Warner Bros for this incredibly noticeable and barely hidden easter egg.

Here’s a piece of advice, Warner Bros, next time you make a movie, how about you at least try to hide your easter eggs.

Thank you.