Eminem Is Retiring From Rap So He Can Follow His Lifelong Dream Of Becoming A Professional Wrestler

Eminem Retires From Rap

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After enjoying a three year hiatus from performing, the self proclaimed “God of Rap” has announced that he will be retiring from the rap game altogether in order to pursue his other passion in life.

Eminem is becoming a professional wrestler.

According to Eminem, he made the decision to quit rapping and become a full-time wrestler after watching an episode of WWE a few weeks ago.

“Ever since I was a little kid, all I’ve wanted was to be a famous rapper and a professional wrestler,” Eminem told reporters.

“And now that I’m the most famous rapper on Earth, it’s about time I started dominating wrestling as well.”

eminem retiring from rap

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“Take John Cena and Hulk Hogan for example,” Eminem explained.

“They both had wildly successful rap careers before becoming wrestlers, and then went on to become two of the biggest names in their sport.”

“I’m going to learn as much as I can about how they transitioned from rappers to wrestlers, and then I’m going to make my move.”

When asked if he had thought of any potential “wrestling names”, Eminem told reporters that he had already come up with the perfect nickname.

“So you’ve got ‘The Rock’ and ‘The Undertaker’, right, and they’re pretty bad-ass names,” Eminem replied.

“Well, since everybody knows that I invented rap, I was thinking of using ‘The God’ as my wrestling name.

eminem retiring from rap

Source: Molly Treece, CC0

“But you know what? They could call me ‘Lil Dick Fag’ or ‘Mayonnaise Lookin Fuck’ and it wouldn’t matter at all,” Eminem confessed.

“Because regardless of what my nickname in the wrestling arena is, I’m going to be taking on the champ and winning the belt within the next 6 months.”

“And that’s not a threat, it’s a fact.”

After the interview concluded, Eminem got out of his seat and pinned an Unleashed Reality staff member on the floor, refusing to get off her until she tapped out.

Eminem will make his debut appearance in WWE Raw early next month.