HBO Forced To Cancel Game Of Thrones After Going $100M Over Budget On Epic Battle Scene

Source: HBO, Fair Use(Source: HBO, Fair Use)

We all knew ‘The Battle Of The Bastards’ was going to be a massive, brutal battle packed full of action, blood, and death, but nobody quite expected things to turn out like this.

According to HBO Executive John Bullen, the next season of ‘Game of Thrones’ has been cancelled after production went $100 million over budget while filming the epic battle.

“Nobody knows how it happened,” Bullen told reporters.

“We gave them (the production team) $15 million and told them to make the best episode possible, but it only took them 3 days to blow through all of the money and ask for more.”

“What were we meant to do, say no? You don’t say no when it comes to Game of Thrones. We gave them all the money they wanted and hoped that the finished product would be worth it.”

“It wasn’t.”

Source: HBO, Fair Use

Source: HBO, Fair Use

It’s reported that in the end HBO spent approximately $115 million on the episode, putting it $100 million over budget and making it the most expensive episode of a television show ever.

“They didn’t even want the money for normal things like special effects or hiring actors to play soldiers,” Bullen continued.

“I checked in with our accountants to see where the money was being spent and the first thing they told me was that Kit Harrington (the actor who plays Jon Snow) had spent $2.5 million on an Indian War Elephant.”

“Kit tried to justify the cost by saying it would be ‘fucking sick’ to ride into battle on a real elephant, and that he promised to take good care of the animal after filming was finished.”

“Another unnecessary expense that jumped out at me was a $10 million expedition to the arctic in order to dig up frozen corpses.”

“I understand the need for realistic looking dead bodies, but couldn’t they have just killed a bunch of homeless people instead?”