Spoiler Alert: Saddest ‘Game Of Thrones’ Death EVER Coming Next Week Thanks To Leaked Information

got saddest death ever

(Source: HBO, Fair Use)

This week’s episode of Thrones certainly wasn’t as eventful as last week’s, but it did manage to set the stage for pretty much all of the major storylines of the show.

For example, we saw Arya decide to not kill her target, opting instead to dig up her trusty sword Needle and run away from the Faceless Men.

Will she be able to escape? Will she make it back to Westeros and help Jon and Sansa win their war? Or will the waif track her down and kill her?

Well, thanks to a very special somebody who gave us a tonne of information about next week’s episode, we can finally share the outcome with you.

Sadly, Arya Stark will never make it home to Winterfell, because she is going to be killed in the next episode.

saddest got death ever

Source: HBO, Fair Use

How do we know? As with last week’s “Hold the door” episode, there was a sort of ‘leak’ that happened a few days before the episode aired.

A lost cat wandered into the Unleashed Reality headquarters, made its way through the maze of offices and hallways, and somehow ended up in the ‘secret room’.

Now, this ‘secret room’ is heavily guarded day and night by no less than 12 highly trained individuals, whose only orders are to keep unauthorized people (and animals) out.

So how did the cat get in? Well, honestly, we don’t know. But that’s not important – what is important is what happened next.

After we found the cat, we decided to run some experiments on it to determine just what the hell we were dealing with.

We decided to print out a picture of all of the major characters that were still alive in Game of Thrones, and place them on the floor in a big circle.

Then, we placed the cat in the middle of the circle, and told it to show us which character would be dying in the next episode.

saddest got death ever

(Source: Pixabay, CC0)

Without even a moment of hesitation, the cat pounced on the photo of Arya and began to bite, scratch, kick, and stomp its way through the picture, leaving nothing but a pile of messy, ripped up paper.

I know what you’re thinking; a stupid cat can’t accurately predict the future, and we’re total idiots for a) running this experiment and then b) writing an article about the results, but here’s the second part of the story.

After the experiment, we took the cat to the nearest animal shelter to try to find out who owned it, and can you guess who the owner was?

Yep, that’s right. The cat responsible for predicting the death of Arya Stark belonged to none other than Maisie freakin Williams.

Theory confirmed, experiment validated, Arya Stark will die next episode.