7 Clues We All Missed That Prove Hodor Is Definitely Still Alive

Hodor Is Still Alive

(Source: HBO, Fair Use)

Last night’s episode of Game of Thrones was probably the most intense episode of the season thus far, and it left all of us at the office misty eyed and a little bit heartbroken.

But after we dried our tears and got enough motivation to get up off the floor, we did a little sleuthing, and we discovered something crazy.

Hodor is still alive. Here’s how and why:

1. We didn’t see Hodor die.

I mean, sure, the episode ended with him holding the door and finally being over-run by an army of magical skeletons, but so what?

As far as I’m concerned, until we see a body I’m going to be waiting patiently for him to reunite with Bran and Meera in the next episode.

2. Hodor is a BIG guy.

If it was someone like Tyrion or Arya holding the door, then yeah, I might be a little bit scared.

But c’mon, it was freakin’ Hodor of all people!

Even if the wights managed to break through (which there’s no proof that they did), I’m pretty confident that Hodor could take them all on and win.

Hodor Is Still Alive

Source: HBO, Fair Use

3. Hodor hasn’t died in the books (yet).

Do you really think G.R.R.M is going to stand for this nonsense?

Do you really think he’s going to sit back and watch as his favorite character is carelessly killed and thrown aside?

Hell no.

He’s going to have some strong words for D&D, and I’m certain they’ll bring him back in next week’s episode.

4. Hodor was in the preview for next week’s episode.

Maybe I’m reading into this a bit too much, but Game of Thrones has never shown a dead character in a preview for an upcoming episode.

I could be wrong, and they could be doing it just to twist the knife in our hearts, but I’m a positive guy and I’ve got faith.

Faith that Hodor is coming back to us.

Hodor Is Still Alive

Source: HBO, Fair Use

5. The actor who plays Hodor told everyone that he’s coming back in Season 7.

Literally minutes after last night’s episode aired, Kristian Nairn took to Twitter to announce that Hodor would in fact be present in Season 7.

“Yeah, it may look like Hodor has died,” Nairn tweeted.

“But if you dig a bit deeper and look for clues, it won’t surprise you when I return next season, ALIVE.”

Hmm, we wonder what he means by that?

6. “Hodor” in French means “Reborn”

Yeah, okay, this one seems a bit far fetched, but if you go to google translate and enter the word “Hodor”, you’ll find that it has a secret meaning in the French language.

Could this be a hidden message from G.R.R.M letting us know that everything is going to be OK?

Or maybe it’s an omen, warning us that Hodor will be reborn as the new Night’s King?

7. Hodor might have warged into Bran.

Remember how the Internet was certain that Jon warged into his direwolf just seconds before bleeding out after being stabbed?

Well if Hodor really did die, who’s to say that he didn’t first have his soul transferred to Bran’s body?

All Bran has to do is bring Hodor’s dead body to a Fire Priest, have him resurrected, and then transfer his spirit back to his body.

Easy peasy, Hodor lives.