Recent Study Reveals Strong Link Between Enjoying Ironic Memes And Suffering From Severe Depression

Source: Various Meme Pages on Facebook, Fair Use

(Source: Various Meme Pages on Facebook, Fair Use)

Ask any ironic meme page admin and they’ll tell you it themselves; ironic memes cause depression.

While this was originally thought to be a running gag among ironic meme enthusiasts, a new study undertaken by the Chicago University of Understanding Cultural Knowledge (CUCK) has proved otherwise.

“We noticed that ironic meme page admins were constantly joking about being depressed, with some going as far as referring to themselves in third-person as ‘sadmin’,” a researcher commented.

“So we decided to interview a bunch of them, ask them some questions, and see if there really was a link between ‘ironically memeing’ and severe depression.”

Over 500 ironic meme page admins were contacted via Facebook and asked a series of questions, ranging from the basic ‘do you enjoy looking at and creating ironic memes?’ to the more serious ‘do ironic memes make you want to kill yourself?’.

After hours of analyzing the data, researchers were able to come to a definitive, scientific conclusion: ironic memes lead to depression.

“The results were shocking. All along, we thought it was just a part of ironic meme culture, that they were just pretending to be depressed and exaggerating their sadness,” one mortified researcher had to say.

“But it’s not an act. It’s all real. These people are really, truly, clinically depressed. I’m honestly surprised that there haven’t been more ironic suicides.”

Here are a few of the interviews conducted over Facebook:

Ironic Memes And Depression

Undeniable proof that memes cause depression


Ironic Memes And Depression

De de la La III keeping it real


Ironic Memes And Depression

This one was probably a liar

Ironic Memes And Depression

Special meme fresh is also lying about the meme induced depression


Ironic Memes And Depression

Absolution is a strange, strange man


Ironic Memes And Depression

So depressed…


Ironic Memes And Depression

We did not send tiddy

According to the results, a staggering 68% of ironic meme page admins reported suffering from meme-induced depression.

Ironically (in more ways than one), a further 44% reported that the only reason they hadn’t killed themselves yet was because they were, in their words, “addicted to the memes”.

“Sometimes I really want to kill myself, but like, only ironically you know? People would be like ‘nah man, no way he’s dead, it’s just a meme,’ but I would actually be dead,” an ironic memer told researchers.

“It’d be at least 4 layers deep in irony, and I think that makes it a pretty good meme.”

If ironic memes are causing you to feel depressed or suicidal, seek out professional help by calling your local suicide hotline or Googling “suicide hotline”.