Kobe Bryant Has Been Arrested For Selling Fake Bottles Of Air From His Final Game For $20,000 On eBay

Kobe Bryant Arrested

(Source: Basket Streaming, CC BY 2.0)

A story about a fan selling a bag of air from Kobe Bryant’s final game on eBay for $15,000 has gone viral, and when the man himself, Kobe Bryant found out, he decided that he wanted a piece of the action too.

Bryant reportedly sold over 600 bottles of air on eBay, averaging $20,000 per bottle, before he was arrested earlier this morning by local Police.

According to Bryant, he had no idea that he was committing a crime.

“I just saw the story of that one guy doing it, and I thought, yeah, that’s something I can do as well,” Bryant told reporters.

“I figured that since they were just bottles of air, nobody would really notice that it wasn’t authentic.”

“I didn’t think I’d get in trouble for lying about where the air came from and selling the bottles for $20,000 a pop.”

By the time Police arrived to make the arrest, Bryant had already taken over $12,000,000 in sales from eBay, which he told reporters would be spent on buying more bottles of air.

“I had this all planned out,” a teary Bryant confessed.

“I was going to take the profits and use them to buy more bottles, and then I was going to keep selling them on eBay for the rest of my life.”

Bryant is being officially charged with “Fraud”, and it is believed that his case will go to court sometime in early May.

Until we hear the verdict of the court case, all we can do is #Pray4Kobe.