Man Robbed At Knifepoint Refuses To Identify His Attacker Due To Fears He Will Be Labeled A Racist

man robbed racist

(Source: Pexels, CC0)

BRADFORD, ENGLAND – In the early hours of the morning on April 11 2016, a young man was robbed at knifepoint in the English city of Bradford.

The 22 year old University student ran to his nearest Police station, where he told authorities almost everything that had happened, choosing to omit one minor detail.

In a case of political correctness gone mad, the victim refused to identify his attackers race due to fears that he would be labelled a racist.

“It was dark, probably 3 or 4 AM, and I was just about to head home from work,” the young man told Police.

“I was walking to my car, and then this guy came out of no-where with a knife and demanded I give him my wallet, my phone, and my watch.”

“Of course I did what he said; I’m not an idiot, and that stuff isn’t worth my life.”

When interviewed by Police, the victim gave information about the attackers height, weight, gender, and age. The only thing he refused to share was the attackers race.

“I’ve got a friend who was sent death threats after he spoke out against a black gang that operated near his house,” the man told reporters.

“Call me crazy, but I wasn’t going to take that chance. First I’ll be called a racist, and then my family will start receiving threatening phone calls.”

“It’s really not worth the risk.”

This isn’t the first time a victim has come forward to Police about a violent crime and refused to identify their attackers race.

Earlier this month, a 17 year old girl from Birmingham reported that a young man had attempted to rape her, and it was only after 7 hours of questioning that she finally identified her attackers race.

“I really didn’t want to offend anybody or cause any more hatred between people,” the young girl told reporters.

“Once word got out that I was attacked by a Syrian refugee, half of Britain used it as an opportunity to demonize refugees and muslims, and the other half called me a ‘racist twat’ for telling the Police.”

man robbed racist

Source: Pexels, CC0

As for the young man who was attacked early yesterday morning, Police are encouraging him to come forward with more information.

“They can try as hard as they like, I’m not going to tell them the race of my attacker,” the young man said.

“I don’t really blame the guy who robbed me, either. Hell, if I’d had the same upbringing and experiences in life as him, I’d probably be on the street stabbing people too.”

“Well, it’s certainly not an ideal situation, but it is what it is.”

Despite the major lack of information regarding the attack, Police are hopeful that they will be able to catch the robber before he strikes again.