Amazing! These Are 5 Of The Best Clickbait Titles We Could Find On The Internet!

Source: Pexels, CC0(Source: Pexels, CC0)

If you’re a true The Internet™ connoisseur, then you’ll know what a joy it is to find a good piece of clickbait.

There’s just something about the attention grabbing headlines and the failure to follow through on bold claims that we as The Internet™ fans love, so, here are 5 of the coolest pieces of clickbait we could find.


1. This Young Boy Was Bullied At School For Having Tiny, T-Rex Like Arms. What He Did Next Might Make You Rethink Slavery.

2. Here Are 37 Grandmas Who Want To Squeeze Your Cheeks And Call You “Pookie”, But Can You Guess Which One Is Actually A Russian War Criminal?

3. Spooky! This Picture Of A Mummy Was Found Upstairs In The Attic, But Nobody Knows Who Took It?!

4. Ewww! Your Cat Brought A Bloody, Mutilated Animal Into Your House! You Won’t Believe What Happened When The Toddler Got Hold Of It.

5. Watch As This Incredibly Strong Black Woman Redefines What It Means To Eat 18 Hotdogs In Less Than One Minute.

Wow, they were amazing weren’t they?