Akira Toriyama Confirms NEW Live Action Dragon Ball Movie Is Currently Being Filmed In Japan

Source: Akira Toriyama, Fair Use

(Source: Akira Toriyama, Fair Use)

The internet broke earlier today as Akira Toriyama (of Dragon Ball fame) announced on Twitter that he and his team were in the process of filming a brand new live action Dragon Ball movie.

Not wanting a repeat of what happened in 2009 with Dragon Ball Evolution, Toriyama has assured fans that this time he will maintain full control over the project, and has even gone as far as saying that he will not release the movie unless it is in line with his vision for the series.

New Live Action Dragon Ball Movie

Source: Square Enix, Fair Use, cropped

In an interview with Japanese news outlet The Asahi Shimbun earlier this month, Toriyama told them this; “Dragon Ball is what I will be remembered for, it will be my legacy. In order to keep the series as true to my vision as possible, I will be in full control of all major plot decisions in the upcoming live action Dragon Ball film.”

A group of eager fans took the opportunity to bombard Toriyama’s Twitter feed with questions about the upcoming movie, to which Toriyama tweeted back three rather vague answers. Only 30 minutes after posting the tweets, Toriyama deleted them, possibly in an attempt to keep as much information a secret before releasing the movie.

new live action dragon ball movie

Toriyama on Twitter CONFIRMING new Dragon Ball Movie

Minutes after Toriyama posted his final tweet, legions of fans started messaging Jackie Chan to confirm what his role in the film was. Not one to disappoint his followers, Jackie confirmed that he was part of the production, and that he would be playing the role of an “older Goku”.

This lead some fans to speculate that the movie would take place in a post-Buu timeline, quite possibly in the gap between the end of the Dragon Ball Z anime and before the recent film ‘Battle of Gods’.

NEW live action dragon ball movie

Jackie Chan has since deleted this tweet

Whether it’s set after the Buu saga or even in the GT universe, one thing is certain. Our hype levels are over 9000!