How The Eevee Naming Trick Can Be Used To Evolve ANY Pokémon Into Flareon, Jolteon, Or Vaporeon

pokemon go eevee naming trick

(Source: Niantic, Fair Use)

(This is a joke article. Click here to read the real article about the Eeevee name trick.)

When it comes time to evolve your Eevee in Pokémon Go, you might think that the outcome is totally random, and that there’s no way to guarantee a Jolteon, a Vaporeon, or a Flareon, but that’s not the case at all.

At first, we thought Eevee’s moves mattered; if your Eevee had a specific attack, it evolved into a specific Eeveelution. This theory was debunked pretty early on, but now there is a second theory, and this one is proving to be much harder to disprove.

Essentially what the new theory boils down to is if you name your Eevee either ‘Pyro’, ‘Sparky’, or ‘Rainer’, it will evolve into a Flareon, a Jolteon, or a Vaporeon respectively.

And while this might seem random or silly on the surface, it’s actually a pretty neat throwback to the original Pokémon anime.

In an episode titled “The Battling Eevee Brothers”, Ash met three brothers who were named ‘Rainer’, ‘Sparky’, and ‘Pyro’, and can you guess what Pokémon each of them had? Yep, exactly.

pokemon go eevee naming trick

Source: The Pokémon Company, Fair Use

Great, so now we know how to force our Eevee to evolve into whatever we want. But that wasn’t enough for us at Unleashed Reality. No, we wanted to force our little Kabuto to evolve into a Jolteon.

Why? Because we fucking can, alright?

We changed his name to Sparky, gathered enough candies to evolve him, and viola, he actually evolved into a Jolteon!

pokemon go eevee naming trick

Source: Niantic, Fair Use

We’re still not sure if this is just a glitch, or if it’s an actual feature that Niantic have added to the game, but’s it’s cool as hell!

We decided to test it with other Pokémon, and we achieved the exact same results. Literally every Pokémon that can evolve can also evolve into an Eeveelution by using the naming trick.

We turned a Caterpie into a Flareon, a Psyduck into a Jolteon, and a Dratini into a Vaporeon, and we’re not going to stop until we’ve evolved every Pokémon into one of the three Eeveelutions.

Don’t believe us? Okay, here’s a picture of a Pidgey that we evolved into a Vaporeon:

pokemon go eevee naming trick

Source: Niantic, Fair Use

I could keep showing you pictures of Pokémon I’ve forced to evolve into Vaporeons all day long, but I’ve got work to do, so I’m going to let you try it out for yourselves instead.

Seriously, open up the Pokémon Go app, rename a Pokémon, and evolve it.

You’re welcome.