Bernie Sanders Supporters Are Highly Likely To Be ‘Cuckolds’, New Research From Yale Confirms

sanders supporters cuckolds

(Source: Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 3.0 US, modified)

A brand new study emerging from Yale University has concluded that there is a strong positive relationship between being a Bernie Sanders supporter, and enjoying watching your girlfriend get screwed by other men.

The study, which is reported to have required thousands of volunteers and over 6 months to complete, examined the daily lives of 250 Sanders supporters, and 250 Trump supporters, all of whom were men.

Both groups were supplied a questionnaire that asked general questions about their health, their income, their sex life, and all sorts of other topics.

Unsurprisingly, the Trump supporters enjoyed better health, made more money, were happier, and had more and better sex than their Sanders supporting counterparts.

sanders supporters cuckolds

Source: Pexels, CC0

However, it was one single question in the ‘sex’ section of the questionnaire that really set apart both groups of supporters.

The question read, “Have you ever been cuckolded? If yes, are you cuckolded regularly?

Out of the Trump supporters, only one man indicated that he had been cucked before. After further questioning, the man broke down in tears and confessed that he was actually a Bernie Sanders supporter trying to skew the results.

Here’s where things get interesting. Of the 250 Sanders supporters surveyed, a whopping 37 indicated that they had been a cuckold at least once in their life, and 12 of them indicated that they were being cuckolded regularly.

“Just because I like it when a bigger, blacker man has sex with my girlfriend doesn’t make me a ‘cuck’, if anything it makes you a bigot for judging me for my sexual preferences.” is how one Sanders supporter justified his answer.

Another had this to say: “You know, I guess I am a cuckold. I was always a very passive and submissive kid, and I never grew out of it. So when my girlfriend told me that she was going to have sex with my best friend Darnell, I just offered to buy them some condoms.”

sanders supporters cuckolds

Source: Pixabay, CC0


We here at Unleashed Reality aren’t really sure about this whole ‘cuck’ thing, but we certainly won’t be supporting Bernie after this!