Sweden Has Banned Easter After Prime Minister Says The Christian Holiday Is “Not Inclusive Enough”

Source: Pexels, CC0

(Source: Pexels, CC0)

Sweden, the Country known for being a thriving, hive of multiculturalism and diversity, has now officially banned the Christian holiday known and loved as Easter.

The move came after several left-wing progressive groups and approximately 500,000 Swedish citizens petitioned the government, claiming that the holiday was “oppressive to minorities” and “totally unacceptable”.

The Swedish Prime Minister had this to say: “Personally, I don’t mind Easter. It’s a bit of a goof, families get together to share chocolate, and we remember that in order to achieve greatness, sacrifices must be made.”

“However,” the Prime minister added, “Sweden is very multicultural, which means certain Christian traditions must be done away with if we are to move forward as a more inclusive nation.”

Despite nearly half a million Swedes pushing for the holiday to be banned, there are a lot of people on the opposite side of the debate, who argue that banning a holiday will only serve to divide the populace further.

“I understand that we need to be more diverse and multicultural,” a local man told reporters, “But this is just ridiculous. This is a massive breach of my basic human rights.”

“If I’m not allowed to celebrate my religious holiday, why should anyone else? Can’t they see that this will just lead to more division between ethnic groups?”

And this isn’t the first time Sweden has made headlines for forcing multiculturalism on its people; just last month the new “10% maximum” legislation was passed.

The “10% maximum” law sets a limit (10%, hence the name) for how many people of each ethnicity are allowed to live in Sweden at any given time.

When a race or religion exceeds that 10% limit, the borders are opened and immigrants are allowed to flood the Country, until the number falls back down to 10%.

sweden banned easter

Source: hedvigs, CC BY 2.0, cropped

While most Swedish citizens would agree that banning Easter is a major victory for diversity, some progressives are complaining that it isn’t enough.

“Sweden still has a long way to go,” a member of a far-left group said, “We’re just warming up here.”

“For hundreds of years it’s been Christians this, Christians that, and the little people of the world are finally getting fed up. Maybe it’s time we create some new, more inclusive holidays that everyone can enjoy.”

One idea for a new public holiday that is being pushed by the Swedish government is “Life Day”; a day that celebrates all living things equally.

This idea, however, left many Swedes enraged, as they found the new holiday to be “offensive to the dead”, and “unacceptably equal”.

Nobody knows what new holiday Sweden will adopt, but what we know for certain is that the Easter Bunny is out of a job!